Attleboro Community Garden Little Free Pantry

The spirit of helping those in need is a pillar of the Community Garden of Attleboro, and in keeping with that spirit  the Attleboro Community Garden completed a Little Free Pantry in 2021 as an Eagle Scout Project. Little Free Pantry aims to help gardeners share their bounty with the community by having an accessible pantry that can store and protect non-perishable food items to those in need to take. Please note we try our best to only put pantry items that fit in the pantry, and clean it regularly so it can continue to help the community of Attleboro.


What is a Little Free Pantry?

The Little Free Pantry Project is a non profit movement that is grassroots, crowdsourced solution to immediate and local need. Whether a need for food or a need to give, mini pantries help feed neighbors, nourishing neighborhoods.

Where is the Attleboro Community Garden Little Free Pantry?

Its located near the entrance from the parking lot on the back border of the garden. Marked by this pin on the above view image below.




Save the Date – Ladybug Release Event

The Attleboro Community Garden will host its 7th annual Ladybug release on Tuesday, July 18 at 6 pm.  Danielle Cournoyer, proprietor of Modern Homestead and Gardens, will be leading this quick, educational, hands-on fun activity for all ages, but especially for children.  The program will include a short talk on good bugs for the garden. Participants will then release thousands of ladybugs  throughout the Community Garden.  Want to support the community garden, you can buy our limited edition tote bags at the event for only 7 dollars. The event is FREE and will be held rain or shine at the Attleboro Community Garden, located at the juncture of Mechanic Street and Riverbank Road, Attleboro.  For more information contact


6pm to 7pm
Tuesday July 18th, 2023


Attleboro Community Garden, located at the juncture of Mechanic Street and Riverbank Road, Attleboro.

Why Lady Bugs?

Lady bugs eat hundreds of undesirable bugs, and help keep your garden free from plant-eating insects. Adding ladybugs into your yard is a great way to increase their population. They will get to work decimating the bad bugs for you right away and leave when they had their fill.



Attleboro Community Garden Little Free Library

Attleboro Community Garden is proud to be part of the worldwide Little Free Library program. In a previous post  we outlined the start of the construction which was finished construction as Charter #94346 in Fall 2019, by our own gardeners. It stands holding books at the end of the garden with decorative painted flowers.

What Are Little Free Libraries?

Little Free Libraries are small collections of books and magazines for our community to borrow and exchange – completely free of charge! Patrons are welcome to take from and add to our Little Free Libraries. The Little Free Library program is a nonprofit organization with a mission to build community, inspire readers, and expand book access for all through a global free network of small libraries built around trust. Little Free Libraries are a great way to encourage reading, build community, and connect people with books from a community they may not otherwise have access to without other means. Our Community garden has several books on gardening of all skill levels from beginners to advanced, some larger than the little library are available on request.


Where is the Attleboro Community Garden Little Free Library?

Its located at the end of the Community Garden parking lot, at the border of the garden. Marked by this pin on the above view image below.

on a picture of google maps, we see a pin sticking out of the location of the little free library.


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