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The Attleboro Land Trust relies on the donations of generous supporters for its operating budget.  If you haven't donated recently, we hope you will support us with a contribution.  Any contribution of $25 or more will also qualify you for a new or renewed membership for one year. Here are some of the reasons why your support is important:


Economic Vitality

It costs a city or town $1.32 in expenditures to provide services to developed land for every $1.00 of taxes received, i.e., a municipality loses money on developed property in providing schools, fire, police, plowed streets, etc., to its residents. It is important to maintain a balance between developed and undeveloped land in order to avoid a strain on the ability of a city or town to provide those services. Also, businesses decide to locate in communities that offer a high quality of life outside the workplace.

Property Values

Studies indicate that homebuyers are willing to pay a premium to purchase homes that are adjacent to, or within walking distance of, parks and conservation lands.

Recreational Opportunities

Passive recreational activities on our properties include hiking, photography, cross-country skiing, snowshoeing, and geocaching.

Educational Benefits

Our conservation lands provide outdoor classrooms where young and old can study plants, animals, and their habitats first hand, through experiences that are not possible in indoor classrooms.

Health and Well-Being                                                                                                          

Open space and woods safeguard drinking water and clean air upon which we all depend for our very existence. Keeping air and water clean through environmentally protective measures is almost always cheaper and easier than cleaning them up after they have been polluted. There is also clear evidence that nature is restorative and therapeutic as a stress-reducer and a place for contemplation.


Join the Attleboro Land Trust TODAY.


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