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The Attleboro Land Trust Has Acquired the Deborah and Roger Richardson Nature Preserve


How can we adequately thank Thomas and Stephen Richardson for their extraordinary gift of the land that will be known as the Roger and Deborah Richardson Nature Preserve?† The best way might be to carry the project through so that the general public can begin to enjoy this wonderful gift of open space and wildlife habitat.

With the help of many generous donors, the Richardson property on Wilmarth St. was finally acquired on June 20th.† This brought to a close negotiations that began more than six years ago, and have involved countless hours of volunteer effort.† We are indeed lucky to live in a community where so many citizens and businesses care enough about the local environment to support environmental preservation.

Special thanks go to Mayor Kevin Dumas, Director of Planning, Gary Ayrassian and Conservation Agent Tara Martin for their fast work at the eleventh hour to secure the State L.A.N.D. grant which added over $300,000 to our fundraising effort.†

Our fundraising isnít quite over, though.† We still need to raise funds to provide a parking area, signage, and boardwalks so that the general public can enjoy this beautiful natural preserve. Your help will always be welcome!

--Roy Belcher, Treasurer

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