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The Last Piece of a Beautiful Puzzle

by Ted Leach, ALT president

The exciting news at the Land Trust is that, together with the City of Attleboro and the Massachusetts Audubon Society, we have finalized a Conservation Restriction on 80 superb acres of open land linking the Attleboro Springs 117 acres with city-owned forest land stretching all the way to Locust Street and Oak Hill Avenue. This piece of the puzzle creates one continuous block of wild land close to the heart of downtown Attleboro totaling nearly 500 acres.

Following the very successful collaboration between the Attleboro Land Trust, the Mass Audubon Society, and the City of Attleboro, the Land Trust and the Audubon will jointly own a conservation restoration permanently protecting these 80 acres, while the City will this time own the land itself. A Land Trust capital campaign raised $50,000 in twin grants from the Augat Foundation and the Balfour Foundation to make this possible. Mass Audubon raised another $11,000 as well. Together, we have already been able to contribute a survey of the property and a first rate Environmental Baseline description of the property, including important flora and fauna there.

This is exciting because of the potential for developing a wonderful trail system for hikers, and even for a handicapped accessible trail. It also preserves Attleboro’s largest intact range of wild land so important to many species of animals for their survival. A tributary of the Thacher Brook winds through the property on its way to join the Ten Mile River, and then Narragansett Bay. There is a small but beautiful pond on the property as well as several large specimen white oak trees. While there’s much work yet to be done, this will be an environmental jewel for generations in the Attleboros.

We congratulate Mayor Kevin Dumas and head of Planning and Conservation Gary Ayrassian on their foresight and hard work in making this a reality and putting that finishing piece in a wonderful puzzle.

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