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Gift of 28 Acres Honors the Memory of South Attleboro Civic Leader Charlie Denham

On October 31, 2013, the Attleboro Land Trust received a generous gift of approximately 28 acres of conservation land in South Attleboro. The parcel, named the Shaw-Denham Memorial Forest, is located between Pitas Avenue and Jody Way and is bisected by a power line right-of-way that will be familiar to anyone who walks the backwoods in that part of the city. The land was donated by Lois Fournier of Centerville and Charles U. Denham III of Attleboro, in keeping with the wishes of their late father, Charles U. Denham, Jr.

Donors Lois Fournier and Charles Denham III sign deed donating the Shaw-Denham Memorial Forest to the Attleboro Land Trust.  Looking on from left to right are attorney Jim Lewis, ALT President Ted Leach, and ALT Board Member Charlie Adler.


The elder Denham passed away on January 28, 2013, at the age of 100. Charlie Denham was actively involved in the Attleboro community throughout his life through volunteer work for his church, the PTA, the United Way, and the Boy Scouts. He was also known to many in Attleboro through his service for 20 years on the Attleboro Board of Election Commissioners.

This land had been in Charlie's family for generations and he invested much time and effort to secure the title and to find a use for the property that would honor the memory of his ancestors.

Conservation of this land will help to protect the quality of ground water and of the nearby Seven Mile River. Approximately 50% of the land is within Rivers Protection Act buffers, and over 90% of the land is classified as medium-yield aquifer. The land contains a diversity of habitat types, including upland woods, wooded swamp, and streams. These habitats support a wide variety of plants and of resident and migratory wildlife populations. Future plans for the property include public walking trails. At present there is no convenient public access.

The protection of this parcel was made possible through the Massachusetts Land Conservation Tax Credit Program which disburses up to $2,000,000 annually in grants of up to $50,000 per land donation. The Attleboro Land Trust was assisted locally by Attleboro Mayor Kevin J. Dumas, the Department of Planning and Development, the Municipal Council, and the Conservation Commission in meeting the requirements for this program. The office of attorney Jim Lewis provided the pro bono legal work needed for this acquisition. Volunteer Gary Krofta contributed an assessment of the property's natural features. The Attleboro Land Trust is indebted to the donors and to everyone who helped make this acquisition possible.

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