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2011 Annual Meeting is a Watershed Event!

Featured guest at the Attleboro Land Trust's Annual Meeting on November 2, 2011, was Don Doucette, who delivered a presentation with slides on "The Ten Mile River Watershed: A Walk Through Time." Don is a native of Attleboro and was a founding member of the Ten Mile River Watershed Alliance, which held its first river clean-up in Attleboro in the fall of 1990.
For many years, Don was actively involved in the Alliance's efforts to focus public attention on the Ten Mile River, through workshops, outings, educational events, and restoration projects. In 1995, Don, accompanied by fellow Alliance member Mark Benoit, trekked the entire length of the Ten Mile River, which actually stretches 27 miles from Savage Pond in Plainville to Narragansett Bay in East Providence. As Don wrote of the 2-day trek: "The primary intent was adventure--to cross, as does water, all human imposed, social and physical bounds that tend to fragment the Ten Mile River Watershed. Envisioned was a more intimate encounter with the river--we were not disappointed."

Having lived his entire life within a stone's throw of the Ten Mile River, and being someone with an inquiring mind, Don has acquired a wealth of knowledge of the river, it's history, and it's inhabitants. On November 2, Don shared not only his accumulated knowledge, but his passion for, in his words, "friend river."

Also on the program were a report on the accomplishments of the land trust over the past year by President Ted Leach and the election of new board members.

We thank the Attleboro Arts Museum for providing a wonderful space for the meeting and Russell Morin Fine Catering for providing us with gourmet edibles.


Members and friends listen attentively to Don Doucette's presentation.


Board members Mike O'Brien and Gerry Hickman and board president Ted Leach.


Founding board member Debby Leach and current board member Peter Ottmar.


ALT members Bill Riley, Tricia Svendsen, and John Levis.


Board members Roy Belcher, Tim McGinn, and Glenn Weidner and ALT member Marcia Weidner


Don Doucette shows an old postcard of Bungay Lake


Don Doucette shows a map of the Ten Mile River Watershed.


The audience listens to a report on the past year's accomplishments by president Ted Leach.


ALT member and City Councilor Richard Conti, board president Ted Leach, and ALT member Bob Faulkner.


ALT members Barbara Clark and Karla Bassler.


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