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Preserving Family Lands

On March 30, 2005, Stephen Small, nationally-recognized expert in tax law for conservation, spoke to an audience of local landowners, attorneys, accountants, and other professionals interested in conserving natural resources through estate planning.  Major support for this event was provided by the Attleboro Sun Chronicle.

Mr. Small emphasized the importance of advance planning for families who hope to conserve land as it is passed from one generation to another.  Conservation easements (also known as conservation restrictions) are a great option for accomplishing this goal.  Under a conservation easement the landowner agrees to limit development on a parcel in order to preserve its natural assets. 

In combination with other financial planning tools, conservation easements can reduce or even eliminate estate tax on parcels designated for conservation.  There are also possible savings on income tax and property tax.  But it is important to run the numbers with a professional who has expertise in this area, since every situation is unique.

Thanks to the Attleboro Museum for allowing us to use the main gallery for this event.


photo: Debbie Montecalvo

Stephen Small is welcomed by President Don LeStage.



photo: Debbie Montecalvo

Stephen Small chats with Board Member Larry St. Pierre, chair of the Land Acquisition Committee.



photo: Debbie Montecalvo

The event attracted a large audience.



photo: Debbie Montecalvo

Board Member Aurelio Almeida distributes tree seedlings to the attendees.



photo: Debbie Montecalvo

Two of our guests examine the map showing our conservation lands.



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