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Land Acquisition Policies

The Attleboro Land Trust seeks to acquire land when ownership of that land will create a public benefit and satisfy one or more of the following objectives:

  • Protecting natural habitat.
  • Protecting "open space", including forest land and farmland, from excessive development.
  • Protecting environmental quality, in particular local water supplies.
  • Preserving scenic views and unique natural features.
  • Providing educational opportunities.
  • Providing passive recreational opportunities through the development of nature trails and similar endeavors.

Approved by the Board of Directors on July 11, 1991.


Land Acquisition Acceptability Questionnaire

Section ONE

(1) Will acquisition be the key to acquiring or causing to be preserved other land in the same area?

(2) Will it provide a valuable education tool?

(3) Will it contribute to the diversity of the trust's holdings?

(4) Will acquisition prevent or slow undesirable development or deterioration in the area of the land in question?

(5) Will it preserve an important wildlife area?

(6) Will it preserve important botanical specimens?

(7) Will it preserve important geological features?

(8) Will it preserve a scenic vista in the public interest?

(9) Does the parcel have an important relation to the hydrology of the area?

(10) Does it have historical or archaeological value?

(11) Does it carry clear legal title?

(12) Have all taxes been paid?

(13) Have all other encumbrances been satisfied?

(14) Can some of it be sold to increase cash assets of the trust?

(15) Can it be effectively policed?

(16) Is the trust capable of effective stewardship?

(17) Is the property pollution free?

(18) Is the property free of pollution from surrounding sources?

(19) Are the surrounding areas and their uses and zoning classifications such as to make trust title practicable?

(20) Is existing insurance coverage adequate?

(21) Is future tax-exempt status assured?

(22) Is the land of sufficient size as to warrant acquisition?

(23) Is proper access to the land assured?

(24) If the land is kept in a passive state, will it serve the trust's goals?

(25) Could trails or other recreational opportunities be developed?

Section TWO

(1) Will acquisition create an unusual or special liability exposure?

(2) Are there any uncertainties about the future that could make the land less desirable or stewardship more difficult?

(3) Is the land already being preserved in some fashion?

(4) Is preservation assured for the future?

Section THREE

(1) Has the land been inspected by qualified experts in botany, zoology and archaeology?

(2) Has the land been appropriately checked for toxic waste and other long-term contaminants?

(3) Have the results of these been reported to the trust?

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