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Uriah's Marsh





The Attleboro Land Trust owns and manages conservation areas throughout the city of Attleboro. 

The map above shows properties owned by the Attleboro Land Trust which currently are open to the public.  All have trails except the Veno Preserve, where there is a bench.  Trails on the Richardson Preserve are not yet marked.

The list below includes additional properties, some of which have trails under development.

Bishop Street Parcel
17-acre parcel in the area bounded by Park Street, Bishop Street, Pike Avenue, and Steere Street

Harold R. Blackburn Nature Preserve
8-acre parcel in the Bungay River floodplain

Blottman-Kenton Nature Preserve
17.7-acre parcel off Slater Street on the Norton line

*Colman Reservation
77-acre wooded area; trail to Giant Hemlock; glacial boulders
(north side of Steere Street)

John E. Hagerty Jr. Nature Preserve
5-acre parcel adjacent to the Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve

Peter Halko Nature Preserve
2.4-acre parcel adjacent to the Anthony Lawrence Wildlife Preserve

*Larson Woodland
4-acre wooded area on Mechanics Pond; trails
(Watson Avenue and Riverbank Road by Willett School)

*Anthony Lawrence Wildlife Preserve
48.5 acres with woods, meadow and marsh; Seven Mile River runs through it; Loop Trail
(Hope Avenue, off Newport Ave; Rt. 123)

*Phil and Ginny Leach Wildlife Sanctuary
19.4-acre wooded area with puddingstone formations; trails
(Woodland Lane and Ridgewood Road)

*Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve
48-acre wooded area; Inner Loop Trail 1/2 mile; Outer Loop Trail 1 mile
(Richardson Avenue)

David W. Parfitt Nature Preserve
5.7-acre parcel adjacent to the Anthony Lawrence Wildlife Preserve

Deborah and Roger Richardson Nature Preserve
63-acre parcel with woods, wetlands, 5 acres of hay fields, and an historic house occupied by Joseph and Bathsheba Barrows in the 18th century.

Shaw-Denham Memorial Forest
28-acre wooded area; provides habitat protection; no public access at the present time
(near Pitas Avenue in South Attleboro)

Uriah's Marsh
15-acre wooded area; adjacent to railroad tracks; provides habitat protection; no public access
(near Lindsey Street)

*Vaughan Memorial Forest
52.3-acre wooded area; Green Dot Trail
(south side of Steere Street, across from the Colman Reservation)

Milton and Myrtle Veno Nature Preserve
2.8 acre wooded area with park bench
(Oak Hill Avenue)

   *Properties with trails currently open to the public


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