Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve

Martha L. Nickerson lived on this farm for her entire life.  Her parents kept cows and chickens–selling milk, eggs, and produce locally.  A field where hay and corn was once grown is now maintained as meadow habitat.  A small pond where ice was once harvested is now a vernal pool.  An exhibit at the trailhead explains what animals and plants you are likely to see in each of the four seasons.

Location 221 Richardson Avenue
Size 48 acres
Acquisition Date June 29, 2001
Donor Martha L. Nickerson
Map Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve Map (PDF)
Public Access Trails begin at parking lot on Richardson Avenue. Inner Loop Trail (1/2 mile) markers are red. Outer Loop Trail (1 mile) markers are blue.
Species Inventories

Nickerson Pics

Inner Loop Trail at Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve    Image credit: C Adler

Meadow at Nickerson Walking Woods Preserve    Image credit: C Adler

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